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At Venus Freight Bridge, we provide reliable and cost-effective Full Truckload (FTL) shipping services to meet your transportation needs. With FTL, your shipment is the only one on the truck, making it the fastest and most efficient way to transport large quantities of goods.


  • Our extensive network of carriers and equipment allows us to handle any shipment size, including oversized or overweight cargo. We have a range of truck types, including dry vans, flatbeds, and refrigerated trucks, ensuring that we can accommodate your specific requirements.

  • We take pride in our commitment to provide exceptional customer service, including reliable delivery times, shipment tracking, and real-time updates on your shipment's status. Our team of experts can also provide you with personalized support and assistance to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination safely and on time.

  • Our FTL services are available across North America, with coverage to all major cities and remote areas. We also offer expedited FTL services for time-sensitive shipments that need to be delivered quickly.

  • Whether you need to transport large quantities of goods, oversized or overweight cargo, or time-sensitive shipments, our FTL services are here to meet your needs. At Venus Freight Bridge, we're committed to finding the best transportation solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our FTL services and how we can help you with your transportation needs.


  • Cost-effective: FTL shipping is a cost-effective solution for larger shipments that require the use of an entire truck. It offers a lower cost per unit for shipping larger quantities of goods.


  • Faster transit times: FTL shipping provides faster transit times than LTL shipping as there are no additional stops or transfers involved. This is beneficial for time-sensitive shipments and can help avoid supply chain disruptions.

  • Reduced risk of damage: FTL shipments have a lower risk of damage as there are fewer handling and transfers involved compared to LTL shipments. This means that goods arrive at their destination in better condition, reducing the risk of returns and associated costs.

  • Flexibility: FTL shipping offers flexibility in terms of pick-up and delivery times, allowing for greater control over the supply chain. This is particularly important for businesses that require just-in-time deliveries or have strict delivery windows.

  • Increased capacity: FTL shipments offer increased capacity and space for larger shipments, making it ideal for businesses that need to transport a high volume of goods. This can help improve efficiency and reduce overall transportation costs.

  • Better security: FTL shipments offer better security as they are not consolidated with other shipments. This reduces the risk of theft and damage during transit and ensures that the shipment arrives intact and secure.

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