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Narrow Road


At Venus Freight Bridge, we take pride in our four years of experience in the transportation industry, and the extensive network of drivers and carriers we've built during this time.  


Our extensive experience in the shipping industry has shown inefficiencies in many phases of delivery that has left everyone involve in a state of dissatisfaction. One of our owners has years of experience as a shipper, dealing with brokers and carriers. Another one of our owners has first hand experience as a driver, carrier, and dispatcher understanding the other side of working with brokers and middlemen. Their extensive background and information exchange resulting in the conclusion that there are just too many people in the middle that make the process more cumbersome and costly. Transparency in the process will make shippers more comfortable, while trust and partnership makes them less worry about their shipping and transportation needs.  


Our overall experience showed that shippers are spending too much time shopping for their shipment and managing various brokers. Carriers struggle to pay their bills and make a decent living and are spending time in collecting and accounting when they should be driving. And too many middlemen are taking money without adding much value in the process.  


Venus Freight Bridge was created as a solution to all these issues. We have developed our business to meet the needs of the shippers, and the carriers. These include accountability, live tracking, ontime payment, safety and security of drivers and shipment, and, use of technology where it matters while having human tocuh where is needed.​

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