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Why Us:

  • We have access to over 4000 drivers and independent carriers nationwide, who have been vetted by us and are ready to service our clients.

  • We operate from the time that east coast wakes up (5AM EDT) until long after west coast has gone home (10PM PDT), servicing when you need us.

  • All shippers will receive a human caller within 3 minutes of their call, and receive commitment for their shipment in less than 2 hours from approval.

  • Our VIP customers who have long term contractual service agreement with us will receive VIP treatment and dedicated staff who understand their business and are available through a direct line.

  • Our past experience and access to a large number of carriers allows us to negotiate the best price for our shippers, reducing their shipping expense.

  • Though our service region is within United States, for our Midwest clients, we can also arrange deliveries to Canada and Mexico.

  • Our processes are computerized and controlled allowing us to offer rapid response to our clients, and provide instantaneous update on their freight, from the moment the load is picked up, until it is delivered to the destination.

  • We use the latest user friendly technology to expedite all phases of shipping from intake from shipper, all the way to actual delivery of the load to their end customers, and realtime tracking along the way.


We invite you to contact us for a no obligation introduction session. We like to tell you about us and get to learn more about you.


If your needs are urgent and would like to leave the introductory conversation for the later time, it is fine. We are here to work the way you want us to. So call us for a quote or submit your shipment information via email. We will respond to you within minutes.


Reach out to us today.

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